Loft insulation – What does it involve?

The Assessor will...

Customer Checklist:

  • Ensure there is space for our installation van as near to your house as possible.
  • Move any belongings from your loft.
  • Upon completion check premises and sign a form to confirm the work has been carried out to your satisfaction

Customer information:

  • Loft insulation takes 1 – 3 hours to install
  • The installers will require access to your loft. Prior to installation it is your responsibility to remove any stored personal belongings from your loft.
  • As floor joists will be covered by the insulation it is recommended you use a crawl board to access the loft in the future as walking could be dangerous. Warning signs will be placed in your loft near to the entry as a reminder

Step 1
The installers will lay the new insulation and where necessary over the top of any existing insulation.
Step 2
The insulation will be laid to allow a gap up to the eaves in order to allow ventilation into the roof space.
Step 3
Cold water tanks and water pipes will be checked by the installers to ensure that they meet current insulation requirements. New tank jackets and pipe lagging will be fitted if necessary.
Step 4
The back of the loftfloat hatch will be insulated up to the same depth as the loft insulation. The hatch insulation will be covered in plastic and secured to the hatch. Where possible, draught proofing will be fitted around the edge of the loft hatch and a gate hook will be fitted to ensure the hatch remains secure.
Step 5
Once all of the work is complete the installers will remove any surplus debris from the loft, and leave your home the way in which they found it.
Step 6
As part of our stringent quality check process you may receive a phone call assessing the insulation process, or a visit from one of our inspectors to carry out a technical inspection.